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About A Heart Full of Thanks Total Health & Wellness Inc.
A heart Full of Thanks Health and Wellness, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Baltimore County, Maryland, has implemented a new grassroots nutritional, tutorial and mentoring program targeted towards at-risk and underachieving youth in Baltimore, Maryland. A heart Full of Thanks Health and Wellness, whose major goal is to promote healthy lifestyles among at-risk populations, is a faith-based community-based organization that is dedicated to working other community-based organizations, and educational institutions in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyles among youth by improving the nutritional ,and healthy lifestyles program through mentoring, tutoring and cultural awareness throughout Baltimore County, Maryland. Our outreach program also includes healthy lifestyle program messages produced and distributed via social network sites (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), Public Service Announcements and a Public Access Television shown in Baltimore County.

Our program offers program participants who come from a background where healthy meals are rarely served and processed foods are the norm, rather than the exception, learn how to cook healthy meals, learn preventive health practice’s, experiment with diverse fruits and vegetables from other countries, understand the difference between organic and processed foods that are sold by retailers, learn culinary skills through cooking classes and fight obesity by making physical activity pledges. A heart Full of Thanks Health and Wellness offers an opportunity for at-risk youth to learn important information about healthy life styles in a fun-filled environment designed to help them become more rounded individuals and healthy people.

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James Willliams, Executive Director
A Heart Full of Thanks Health and Wellness will seek to meet the following goals and objectives through this program:

Goal 1: Children eat healthy before and after school;
Goal 2: Children and youth succeed in school;
Goal 3: Children and youth practice healthy behaviors;
Goal 4: Children and youth engage in meaningful activities;
Goal 5: Children and youth live in healthy, stable, and supportive families; 
Goal 6: Children and youth learn how to prepare healthy meals
Goal 7: Ensure that no child in Baltimore County that participates in programs goes hungry
Goal 8: Increased awareness about the need to eat and live healthy throughout Baltimore County.